Jackson 2020

How can you get involved with the Healthy Communities strand?
Contact Dr. Amy Schultz at amy.schultz@AllegianceHealth.org

The Health Improvement Organization’s vision is to “create a culture of continuous health improvement in our community.” The HIO Coordinating Council represents more than 30 community health agencies, providers, and local businesses dedicated to creating a unified health improvement infrastructure that addresses Jackson’s highest priority health issues. The HIO Coordinating Council created the Community Action Plan, which includes goals, objectives and strategies to improve physical activity, nutrition, and reduce tobacco use and depression in Jackson County. The HIO looks forward to building on their success by supporting community health initiatives with shared goals and visions. For more information, visit www.myhio.org.

Health Improvement Organization (HIO)

Founded in 2000 as long term solution to vicious cycle of poor health/high cost.

  • Community Health Measures

    • Percent of adults Overweight or Obese
      2008 - 70% 2011 - 69%
    • Percent of Adults who Meet recommendations for Physical Activity
      2008 - 47% 2011 - 54%
    • Percent of Adults who Meet recommendations for Fruit and Vegetable intake
      2008 - 18% 2011 - 31%
    • Percent of Adults who are current Smokers
      2008 - 27% 2011 - 22%
    • Percent of Adults who would ‘definitely’ seek help for a mental health problem
      2008 - 52% 2011 - 54%
  • Goals

    • Improve the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of residents of Jackson County related to behavioral health, physical activity, nutrition and smoke-free life styles.
    • Reduce the obesity rate amongst Jackson County residents to be at or lower than the national average.
    • Reduce smoking rate and secondhand smoke exposure in Jackson County
    • Improve the behavioral health and emotional wellness of Jackson County residents.
    • Enhance collaborative action planning, resource alignment, and linkages among clinical and social systems to achieve collective population health impact

New Action Team Structure

Health Improvement Organization (HIO) Team Structure