Jackson 2020

How can you get involved with the Government Effectiveness & Efficiencies strand?
Contact Adam Brown at abrown@co.jackson.mi.us

Jackson 2020 has noted that numerous other communities are saving tax dollars and improving services through governmental streamlining, collaboration, and other strategies. Jackson can, and should, explore whether our local government can be improved to meet its residents' needs in our rapidly changing world. Jackson 2020 seeks to ensure the most efficient and responsive government exists to support our citizen’s needs.

Government Effectiveness & Efficiencies Vision

Provide the citizens of Jackson County efficient and effective services by working cooperatively and collaboratively with other units of government and stakeholders

  • Challenges

    • There are several diverse organizations that contribute to collaboration
    • By agreeing that this is an important external and political priority for the citizens of Jackson County great strides have been made in making government more effective and efficient through collaboration.
    • This is not being delegated it is a concept and way of thinking that is being adopted by several leaders in Jackson


    • County computer resources and support are shared with:
      - Medical Care Facility
      - Jackson County Department of Transportation
      - Land Bank Authority
      - City of Jackson Police Department
    • The City/County Have a Combined Human Resources Department
  • Goals

    • Leadership Development
    • Customer Satisfaction of Services (Improved services)
    • Inventory Cooperative Arrangements
    • Develop Communication tools to increase collaboration opportunities
    • Explore Consolidation (Government, Schools etc.)
    • Improve Affordable Transportation
    • Streamline Permitting, Zoning and Assessing
    • Capitalize on Technology and allow Integration of Services and Functions
    • Teach Financial Understanding
    • Achieve Buy-In from Stakeholder Groups
    • Calculate Return On Investment including soft costs and make sure stakeholders expectations are met