Jackson 2020

How can you get involved with the Community Social & Support strand?
Contact Monica Moser at mmoser@jacksoncf.org

The purpose of the Community and Social Supports strand is to ensure that Jackson strategically supports the coordination of services and resources to address the basic needs and mental and physical health of our community to promote independent, self-sustaining individuals and families.

Human Services Coordinating Alliance (HSCA) Mission

The purpose of the Human Services Coordinating Alliance (HSCA) is to ensure a system of support for members of our community.

Human Services Coordinating Alliance HSCA's Goal

Improve Collaboration and Coordination amongst community support organizations

Measurements of Success

  • HSCA membership will increase by 30% and active participation will increase by 50%.
  • Local collaborative/ coalitions will be represented by a liaison providing quarterly updates on activities, achievements and progress in meeting community need for their area of service. – by September 2013
  • Improve ability to meet top 3 unmet needs as identified through community needs assessments and 2-1-1 baseline annual data by 10% in each area